Black Bear Size: How Big Are They? Compared With Others (2023)

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Black Bear Height & Length

Black Bear Size: How Big Are They? Compared With Others (1)

The medium-sized American black bear (Ursus americanus), also known as a black bear or baribal, is endemic to North America.

Additionally, although black bears are typically only found in forested areas, they are very adaptable in those environments.

Black bears, also known as grizzlies, are smaller than brown bears. In actuality, it is the smallest and most prevalent species of bear on the continent. Black bears are also the most well-known and frequent bears in North America.

Talking about their size in terms of their overall height, Black bears can reach heights of 3 feet when standing on all fours and 5 to 7 feet when upright.

Black bear males and females are of different sizes, as are bears of other species. Males can range in size from 20 to 60 percent larger than females.

To be more precise, adult female black bears are between 2’6” and 3’1” (0.75-0.94 m) tall, whereas adult male black bears are between 2’11” and 3’5” (0.89-1.04 m) tall. However, on average the black bears can be 1.3 to 1.9 meters (4.3 to 6.2 feet) long.

Black Bear Height & LengthMetersFeet
Male Height0.89 – 1.04 m2.11 feet – 3.5 feet
Female Height0.75 – 0.94 m2.6 feet – 3.1 feet
Black Bear Length1.3 to 1.9 m4.3 to 6.2 feet

Black Bear Weight

If we look at the size of the Black bear or any other species, there is quite a variation in the mass of every animal, even of the same type.

This is largely due to the different lifestyles, habitats, and food types each of the Beers feeds on. So, it is quite common to see that not all Black beers weigh the same, there is quite a variation in their body mass.

However, the body weight of Black bears on average is between 60 to 300 kilograms (130 to 660 pounds).

Moreover, there are also differences in weight between a male and a female Black bear. For instance, a male Black bear weighs about 124.95 kg (275 lb) and the female one weighs about 69.9 kg (154 lb). Like their height, male Black bears being larger are also heavier than female Black bears.1

Black Bear WeightKilogramsPounds
Male69.9 kg154 lb
Female124.95 kg275 lb

Black Bear Paw & Teeth Size

There is no doubt that Black bears or bears, in general, are large and heavy in size, but have you wondered how heavy and large their paws and teeth are? They are definitely quite large compared to other animals.

Talking about their paw size, each of the five toes on a black bear’s foot has a non-retractable, curved claw measuring 1.14 inches in length. The tracks from the hind feet are about 3.12 to 4 inches wide and 7 inches long, while the tracks from the front feet are about 3 to 4 inches across and 4 inches long.

On the other hand, Bears’ teeth are extremely sharp, but they are actually quite short. Young black bears can have teeth that are 15 mm long, but adult bears can only have teeth that are a few inches long. The not-so-terrifying length of their teeth is made up for, though, by their incredibly powerful bite. So you better be careful!

Black Bear Cub Size

The young ones or the cubs of bears are quite smaller than their adult counterparts. At a time, a mother bear usually gives birth to one to three cubs.

By the time they turn one, young bears can reach weights of about 80 pounds. They weigh approximately 6 pounds at the age of six months. They are enormous as adults though.

Black Bear Full Size

As the Black bear cubs grow over time they keep becoming larger and heavier with growing age, however, there comes a time when their physical growth comes to a halt. Rarely do they grow larger or heavier than that, and that is when we say that they have reached their full size.

Black bears can have a nose-to-tail measurement of 50 to 80 inches. They stand about 2-3 feet tall when they are on all fours.

Black bears can grow to a length of 130 to 190 centimeters (50 to 75 inches) and a weight of 60 to 300 kilograms as adults (130 to 660 pounds).

Females range in height from 50 to 75 inches and weight from 40 to 80 kilograms (90 to 175 pounds).

Black Bear Litter Size

When a female black bear is about to give birth to its young ones, there is usually a particular number of babies that they can give birth to. The Black bear’s litter can have about one to five cubs at a time. But the average litter size is about two cubs.

Black Bear Size Compared To Human

Black Bear Size: How Big Are They? Compared With Others (2)

Moving on to comparing the size of Black bears with other types of species, let’s compare it with ourselves.

Bears and humans are very different animals, and they do not really share many similarities, but what if both of these species encounter each other, who would be larger or heavier between the two?

Although black bears typically aren’t much bigger than humans, depending on the season of the year, their weight can vary greatly.

Additionally, bears can grow significantly taller when they stand up, even though they are typically smaller than humans when they are on all fours.

A black bear can reach a height of 2.11 feet – 3.5 feet and weigh up to 660 pounds on average, while an adult male can weigh just under 180 pounds and stand 5.5-5.9 feet tall.

Black bears are clearly on a different level than humans. Just imagine some bears can weigh up to 300 kg, which is roughly 3 to 3.5 times heavier than the average person.

Black Bear Vs Brown Bear Vs Polar Bear Size Comparison

Black Bear Size: How Big Are They? Compared With Others (3)

The polar bear is typically regarded as the largest bear species on Earth. Polar bears are typically larger than black bears as well.

The average male polar bear weighs between 770 and 1,500 pounds. While male grizzly bears typically weigh between 400 and 790 pounds.

When on their hind legs, polar bears rarely stand taller than 10 feet. The largest polar bear ever seen was an Alaskan bear that stood 12 feet tall.

Compared to Brown bears, Black bears come in a variety of brown tones, as well as blue and white tints. Dark brown to light blonde bears can be found. Brown bears typically have longer, straighter claws than black bears are larger, and have a more pronounced shoulder hump.

Animal typeHeightWeight
Black bearMale:0.89 – 1.04 m(2 feet 11 inch – 3 feet 5 inches)
Female:0.75 – 0.94 m(2 feet 6 inch – 3 feet 1 inch:
Male:69.9 kg (154 lb)
Female:124.95 kg (275 lb)
Polar BearShoulder Height: 4 ft to 5.3 ftMale:350–700 kg (770–1,540 lb)
Female:331 to 551 pounds (150 – 250 kgs)
Brown/Grizzly bearShoulder Height: 2.4 ft – 5 ftMale:135 to 390 kilograms (300 to 860 pounds)
Female:95 to 205 kilograms (205 to 455 pounds)

Black Bear Vs Sloth Bear Size Comparison

Black Bear Size: How Big Are They? Compared With Others (4)

Moving on to other types of bears, Black bears are better suited to climbing trees with their short, curved claws than digging.

This makes it possible for black bears to climb trees in search of specific foods, like a mast.

In comparison to the Sloth bears, while Asiatic black bears are primarily herbivorous, sloth bears are primarily omnivorous.

In addition to having stronger jaws than a sloth bear, an American black bear can grow to be heavier. The sloth bear, on the other hand, is significantly more aggressive and would typically prevail.

Animal typeHeightWeight
Black bearMale:0.89 – 1.04 m(2 feet 11 inches – 3 feet 5 inch)
Female:0.75 – 0.94 m(2 feet 6 inch – 3 feet 1 inch:
Male:69.9 kg (154 lb)
Female:124.95 kg (275 lb)
Sloth bearShoulder Height: 2 to 3 feet length: 5 to 6 feetMale:140 kgs (310 pounds)
Female:95 kgs (210 pounds)

Black Bear Vs Tiger Vs Lion Size Comparison

Black Bear Size: How Big Are They? Compared With Others (5)

With their crushing jaws and incredibly strong muscles, bears and tigers are exceptionally well-armed.

While bears have longer claws and a significant weight advantage, tigers have sharper claws, longer canine teeth, and a larger gape.

Additionally, adult black bears weigh about the same as the two largest tiger species. Bears included, tigers will consume any large prey they can kill and capture.

Compared to lions, a bear would prevail over a lion in a fight. The Bears are superior in almost every way, including size and offensive prowess.

Animal typeHeightWeight
Black bearMale:0.89 – 1.04 m(2 feet 11 inches – 3 feet 5 inch)
Female:0.75 – 0.94 m(2 feet 6 inches – 3 feet 1 inch:
Male:69.9 kg (154 lb)
Female:124.95 kg (275 lb)
TigerShoulder Height: 2.5-3.6 ftMale:150 kg (330 lbs)
Female:110 kg (240 lbs)
LionShoulder Height: 2.9-3.9 ftMale:330 to 550 pounds (150 to 250 kilograms)
Female:265 and 395 pounds


And that was everything you need to know about the size of a black bear. I hope this article was helpful enough and you got something useful from it.

Thank You For Reading!

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