We Tried EVERY Bang Energy Drink (2023)


Today, we're drinking way too much Bang Energy. GMM # 2395

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Which bang energy flavor is the most banging let's talk about that Good Mythical Morning sure we've tasted every Monster Energy, Drink flavor.

And sure we've drunk as much red bull as humanly possible and as much monster as humanly possible, big deal, I mean, yeah, big deal who else can say they've done that.

Uh, probably somebody on you probably a try guys I, don't know, you know, there's people doing similar things, but I like to believe that we have our own unique style.

Yeah, a unique lifestyle.

And you know what we are not done we're thirsty for more carbonated caffeine, bombs available in dozens of flavors.

And we've got a whole lot of errands to run right after this show.

So this seems like the perfect day to get our bang on it's time for gut, check bang, energy, drink, Edition.

Do you know the drill gentlemen, the mythical crew, acquired every available straightforward, bang, energy, drink, flavor for today's tasting.

A total of 31 Flavors what's gonna happen to our bodies after you try each flavor.

You'll, give it a score of 1 to 100 based on your gut reactions, then you'll taste.

The top four to determine which bang energy drink deserves the top title of the ultimate Banger, and how am I going to contribute by referring to my scoring age now, that's a cool scoring age let's, go over the bank I question, usually you have facial expressions associated with the scoring so that's how you know this is basically just someone counting to 100.

And then you want a rocket right? I, don't, yeah, it's I.

Guess it's not going to work.

Well, let's see, if if uh, if my scoring chart is going to be any help, uh to me, uh, it's on the back of a Doritos box.

Um, uh, oh, you know what it's pretty it's actually, basically the same as yours.

It is.


It is mine says, Fly, Like, an Eagle over the bang, Fly Like, an Eagle for you passion is the most important thing forget about winning focus on being I'm so proud, even when you fail, oh, this I think you really needed to hear those things.


But this is not like we're, not competing we're just trying to score bangs just in life, though it's like a fortune cookie meets like that.

You know, the little sticky notes that you taped your mirror in the morning to make yourself feel feel good.


This is the first one I'm, Gonna, Keep with me.

Okay? If your pallets need a refresh at any point, we have some caffeine, free chamomile tea and our Fabulous Floors lava travel mugs from mythical.com and we're.

Kicking things off with the fruity category, starting with Cherry blade lemonade.

Oh sharp, Cherry blade, little fakie, I think that's gonna be the case for a lot of these 49.

Are you tasting the blade? Um, yeah, don't love.

It I'm down here at 30.

Wild in watermelon.


All right? Okay.

Watermelon they're all clear.

Oh, I cut up I, kind of like that.

Yeah, I'm looking over there.

Every single one, except one clear, there's a brown one.

So they don't.

They don't.

Add any any uh, coloring, that's, not bad 68 it's better than the last one.

You know what it hasn't moved me off 30.

Okay, you're stuck on 30.

bankster Barry.

What bearing is it? Wow, that's, tart, it's, a boysenberry, um it's got that it gets into Red Bull territory.

The chemist came up with an idea of what a berry should be 50., uh, I'm, lower than you 45.

You can do that all right? It makes me feel weird, blue, Razz, Berry, nope, don't.

You say, it 55., I'm, creeping, up, um, 60.

Citrus, twist.


Now let's get into some citrus.

Their names are cool.

You know, blades and twists.

And the first part was pretty nice refreshing, Citrus, um.

It was a 68.


Can't, get off 55., delish, strawberry kiss, that's.

So that's, that's, almost too many words to describe it.

Oh, it's, it's creamy in a weird way, I don't like that straw is that what the kiss is 38 kiss makes it creamy, um, I'm, still at 50., no I'm, right here.

So it's, right here in the middle you've never talked about your scores in this way that like you get moved to a place.

And then you stay there based on the next.

Subsequent drink I, don't really know how to think about that me, neither I've never thought about it as a viewer Hey.

Listen and I'm gonna go backwards for you kind of like The, Game of Life.

Passion is the most important thing it is for you Serene.


Yeah, blueberry that's.


I think, I've rounded the corner to 63.

I feel like I could give all these the same score, but I'm going to give that one a 58.

peach mango.


They do go together.

Well, okay, you know what something about mango something about mango keeps that weird, taste, right? I know what it is at the end it's because mango has an aftertaste already, whoa.

So you you just start to forgive it, 75 74.

raging raspberry, hibiscus, hibiscus.

You can't put that in a drink and put it with rage.

You're gonna make a hibiscus rage.

50 it's, a 50 I'm.

Sorry, 50.

I'm, not tasting.

Any rage.

Did you taste the Hibiscus and I'm? Glad would you know it? If you tasted hibiscus? No, which is why I like it 62.? Would you know it if you tasted High biscuits I, oh, yeah, purple guava pear.

But it's, not purple it's clear, but it.

So a purple guava is a thing.

Oh, okay, as you know, I like purple, um, that was good 72.

I liked it 49.

strawberry blast.

Okay, what this one tastes like a soft drink strawberry is hard to do, and they did not do it right? 18., no I, I.


It almost it tastes like it's more carbonated 59.

So, enthusiastic, I mean, I, don't, love any of them, but I'm surprised by it.

And that concludes the fruity category, let's move on to the candy and dessert Vibes category, dessert it's so hot, it is hot it's, real, hot.

Okay and let's start with candy apple crisp.

Okay, total Readjustment, which actually I think that candy flavors because they already taste like something unnatural really work.

Well with the unnatural Vibe of an energy drink.

No it's punching me in the face and turning it into three style.


73 for me, too.

Okay, cotton candy accurate, but not something I want to drink.

Yeah, it's very accurate, uh, 19, 50., swirly.


Okay, that's interesting, it sounds like a wrestling, move there's Bo in it.

Oh now you got me, tasting bo, uh, 20.

whole lot of chocolate, but it's clear, how'd, y'all get chocolate in here.

Oh God.

Why bang, oh it's, not great, but I think it's a 57.


What why do you think it's a 57 because a chocolate it, clear energy.

It tasted like Yoo-hoo with a little buzz in it.

Oh Power.

Punch Power, Punch sounds like a wrestling, move, um, that's.

It kind of tastes like nothing it's like if bang was just the flavor.


Yeah, 50.

blue and yellow.


Oh, but it's clear that tastes very much like limoncello Lacroix, which is not one of my favorite flavors, I'm, sorry, it's 30.

It has a little Mountain Dew to it like if if you forget the mountain to exist, but you want Mountain Dew.

Then this is for you, um I'll.

Give it a 56 for that.

If you forget that Mountain Dew exists, but you heard me Mountain, Dew, yeah, yeah, birthday cake, bash.


How you're gonna be drinking a drink that tastes like birthday cake? You gonna do that I'm just gonna say if you've gotten to a place where you're drinking something that tastes like birthday cake, yeah, you should re reevaluate.

Your, Life, Choices, I, don't think, you're headed down.

The right path.

You're, not you're, not headed towards the the firework of Life You're, Not, Gonna, Fly, Like, an Eagle, no I'm gonna give that a five.

And you can forget about winning and just focus on being black cherry vanilla.

It tastes a little bit like medicine, which I like foreign 61.

sour heads.

Now, I feel like this might work because the sourness, yeah, I'm gonna give that a 71.

I'm starting to feel ings I.

Think it might be psychosomatic 72 because can caffeine really be metabolized that quickly mm-hmm root.

Beer Blaze I'm, gonna love this if you like root beer, or if you have amnesia and you've forgotten that root.

Beer exists I like root beer.

So I'm giving this one a 78.

I'm gonna I have to it sucks.

It tastes like a Neko wafer.

It tastes like root beer.

You don't like root.

Beer I, get it.

Um I'm gonna give it 11.

Uh, this is a good point to remind everyone watching that at the end, we will know what Rhett's favorite.

And what Link's favorite is we're doing that keep watching please as a service to the people crazy key lime pie with a K The Crazies with a K crazy.

Wow, that's.


I don't, like this I feel like this part of my head is separating from this part like it's, like my eyebrows are like I can tell fault line.

I can tell by looking at you, uh, it's like, uh, 17.

it's, kind of like opening up I once had I can tell it on a stick in Key West dipped in chocolate 59.

I also saw a lot of old ladies boobies hanging out because it was, um.

It was uh every year down there.

They get naked and walk around lemon drop lemon juice.

That means that your lemon drop, hang lemon.

John, uh, 52., uh, I, gotta I.



I, gotta give that a nice 63., I, didn't.

Think it was bad I already scored it right? Yeah.

You did you didn't like it Miami Cola.

Oh here we go.


The brown one, the only brown one we got Miami, Cola, Miami, Cola, I, like that name I want to like I've been lured into a place where this tastes good to me I'm on the final stretch of my rocket journey and I'm gonna give that a 72 67.

I kind of like it.

Whole lot of pina colada is this gonna work it tastes exactly like pina, colada, yeah and that's.

When I always say, sunscreen, uh, 70., I, quite I, quite like this one 24.

And that concludes the candy and dessert Vibes category.

Let me interrupt this episode of Good, Mythical, Morning, well, I interrupt this episode I have no clue where red is right now.

But I'm gonna find him and heads up we're, releasing a new video on the Rhett Link channel.

This weekend, you should check it out.

It features written link, I think like it's the year 1984.

We want you to watch it.

So subscribe, you have to wait a little bit for this.

Finally we have the Wild Card category, a category that includes several flavors with uniquely vague names, like we haven't already had that beginning with radicals gedaddle, mm-hmm, Own, It bang.

This is this is.

This is your Lane right here gum named sour liquids.

Now, I'm gonna have to give it a 77.

Oh, you liked it I was a 77.

it's like feeding something to a newborn.

You know, what I'm saying like it's, not a flavor like it's, not like this is supposed to taste like that.

So I feel like it's, just a baby it's drinking thing.

What's, the wild card it's, wild card.

Wow, for the baby.

It makes the babies go wild for 66.


He says, rainbow, unicorn.


All right.

I think it's time has passed.

Oh I really do hate that and then I like it a little bit it's, actually like it a lot and then I hate it again, uh, it's, actually better than uh.

That means the fifth a lot of the fruits that I just had, yeah, I know, it's weird, 63., it's, weird, it's, weird.

What happened? Purple, Haze, Purple Haze.

This is what Jimi Hendrix drink, um, not bad at all for my purple.

Boy over here I'm gonna give this one a nice solid 75., uh, wow.


You've really come along with these ambiguous.

Things, yeah, I didn't.

Think it was that good.

But I thought it was a 61.

I, don't, I like it.

When they're not trying to imitate anything they're, just they're doing their own thing.

They're banging away froze Rose, or it could also be froze Rose is it alcoholic tastes like a sweet tart? It tastes like one.

We've already had that one's Milder, which I like I, could imagine drinking more than three sips of this? One 57., um.

So I got I think I gotta go to 79.

well, that's the highest you've given anything I know, wow, I, like it star blast.

Okay, I like the name why? Because it feels like day, one of naming energy drinks it's in the first three things that people said star blast.

Star blast.

Let's, start simple.


This isn't bad, uh, I'm at 70.

it's, interesting that you're liking, because this takes a lot like what we just tasted like.

It feels like they're, not changing a whole lot.

And for me, they're, not they're, just not doing a whole lot.

I don't, dislike it.

So I'm in the 60s I'm.

This is again, a 63.

maybe I've just been lured into a spot of thinking that I could drink bang and work for them purple Kittles.

Another purple purple kettles.


Can y'all start calling me that I gotta I gotta break it to you don't like this purple.

Oh, this is bad.

This one's, not good at all.

This is in the teens I'm.

Sorry, 15.


Think it it Skittles without the S.

It tastes like a Skittle, yeah, they're trying to make it taste like Skittles without with almost telling you and I don't approve of it 29.

And that concludes the Wild Card round, you have now tasted every flavor of bang, energy, drink and your scores will now be tabulated.

So we can better determine the top four flavors, I'm, just gonna sit here and tingle.

Can we tell you about our grooming collection I feel like the the bangs are banging me? We got we got some all this stuff.

You go to amazon.com mythical, you can get all this stuff to make your face and your hair and your original Pomade.

My Pomade look good beer bomb, a musical comb.

This is what I use on my hair.

If you're wondering every freaking morning, I sit here and I work this stuff through my hair and I'm just grateful that we've developed it because it's, perfect lotion, it's great candy milk.

Let me get the lid back on this thing.

And this is made out of wood.

These are high quality products and everybody everybody will be happy to be getting these things.


So you might want to do it as a gift.

Everybody will be happy to be getting.

And if you get amnesia and then you're, like, you know, what I want I want to treat myself I love the way you put lotion on.

This is the way I do it I don't like the praying mantis trying to mate I do not put lotion on the inside of my hands.

That's, the last place you want lotion.

The praying mantis the female.

This is where you want after copulation will often consume the mail pretty sexy.

Not from my perspective, Stevie.

What are our? Oh I, didn't know, yeah, I didn't know where the landing was like what that CTA was, but it was about the female praying mantis so I should have known that's on me.

According to you the top four flavors in no particular order, hold on real quick, though before it's, too late too late too late radicals skedaddle, which I think should be radical skedadical, because that rhymes more candy apple crisp, peach, mango sour heads.

And before you go through those four right, your favorite flavor was root.

Beer, Blaze and Link.

Yours was froze Rose.


Girl, let's get our rosette.

This is why we do this.

This is why we decided that whoever our individual favorite flavors would be highlighted.

Because every once in a while it might be the case.

This is the first time ever I.

Think that neither one of our favorites makes it to the top four all right? Let's.

Let's just start tasting.

These let's start tasting.

These here's, some of this here's, some of that I'm definitely I'm, definitely a little wired.

Yeah, it is really it's starting to uh accumulate for me as well.

It's time to tingle I do like the fact that they're all clear we might get these mixed up.

So you gotta be careful, let's, just stay together that one's better better because it's got some flavor that like kind of hits you a little bit.

You know, um, not as good as that one to me, but better than the first one and then I'm, where I think we need another.

What here just so just sip out of that.

No no just catch one.

Okay, oh now you bro hold on.

You broke it.

You broke.

It it'll leak.

You broke that one, too it'll, leave there you go.


So, okay, there you go nice and soft, sweet and smooth tastes like cotton.

It does taste like linen, scent, I, don't know, what happened it tastes like detergent? Yes.


This one's gone.

I, don't know what you were thinking sour heads tastes like linen air freshener to me there's, a very clear winner.

This is a very clear last place, um of these three, oh I'd hate to go to Santa Barbara with you.

Okay, yep.

Yep, yep.

So this get it is it that? Yeah, this ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to Crown the bangiest of bang, the ultimate Banger, whoa, candy, apple crisp, it's.

So nice to you, it is it's the best bang, drink because it's got something that makes you forget for a moment that you're drinking an energy drink.

Thanks for subscribing and clicking that Bell.

You know what time it is I'm Sam from Iowa and I'm Sarah from Missouri and we're doing an energy drink taste test and it's time to spin the wheel of mythicality where Iowa and Missouri meet energy drinks, energy, drinks, yeah, click.

The top link to watch us discover the craziest Red Bull, publicity stunts and Good, Mythical, Morning, who's gonna laugh, Unleash, Your, legendary Style with our line of mythical, grooming and personal care products, amazon.com mythical.


What is Bangs energy drink slogan? ›

Bang Energy
The logo for Bang Energy, stylized in the Rainbow Unicorn flavor
Product typeEnergy drink
TaglineFuel Your Destiny!
2 more rows

Did Bang lose a lawsuit to Monster? ›

The decision follows a jury verdict in September that awarded Monster $293 million in its lawsuit against Bang for false advertising and other alleged misconduct.

What did Monster Sue Bang for? ›

Monster Beverage Corp sued Bang Energy for falsely claiming its drinks contain "Super Creatine" and other misconduct.

Why is Bang getting sued? ›

Bang Energy was sued by rival Monster Energy for false advertising of its flagship energy drinks. Bang Energy, one of the leading energy drink producers in the country, has filed for bankruptcy after being sued for damages over false advertising of their product.


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